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or the golden dawn in greece, and the is just won an election in france, and could be -- and could be the strongest party on the right within a year or two. so you have got to figure out the, the economics that are not growing and we see this happening in the 1930s or 1970's people get very dissatisfied and they look for something different, they have been fed a diet of austere at this by the mainstream parties and looking elsewhere and this could be another part of political turmoil not just extreme parties get in but normal parties pander to them because of immigration or on business or whatever. >> rose: nationalistic issues. >> exactly. >> i think exact you, a actually you are right but i woul would d another point, not just economies are not growing fast enough and slow growth it is the political economy of slow growth at a time when inequality is widening and there is the gains from the growth there is overwhelmingly to few people so for the very person in a lot of the rich world, the stagnating or even falling, that is just not a sustainable situation for years and years and
what it's an anomaly in the world. to have elections on a tuesday. why would they do that? tuesday nobody shows up. >> rose: that's another -- >> it's a big deal -- >> rose: i'm all with you on that the too. not on tuesday or not necessarily -- a whole lot of things you can do to make the system better. i'm thinking of a whole number of places. there are whole tons of parties in israel for example but they are essentially to three parties, you know. >> yes. >> rose: i mean the labor and -- run for a while and that's down. they've got a series of small religious parties who simply form coalitions. >> israel is a peculiar place but mexico for example we have five parties at least. >> rose: it's hard to talk to mexico when you have one party that dominated mexico for most of its history. >> until it changed and now we have a lot. ha ha ha. >> rose: so is mexico better under preparty. >> it's definitely better now with competition. because you can choose, you know. hillary say well, this thing about the government grid lock should be a lesson for americans so that they put attenti
thought of dumping biden for hillary clinton in the last election. bill daily says he did consider the idea. but decided it would not help the ticket. a top obama aide says there's no truth to the report. >>> america's most wanted fugitive has landed a job without any references from his employer previously. starting today, former nsa contractor turned leaker, edward snowden, will begin doing maintenance on one of russia's largest websites. he was granted temporary asylum in russia, after fleeing the u.s., rather than face charges that he stole secret documents and leaked them to journalists. >>> a bomb threat made a united express flight land in phoenix. that threat came from inside the plane. it was flying from san francisco to san antonio yesterday afternoon. a search of the plane found nothing dangerous. and passengers arrived in texas early this morning. >>> and some fascinating details about that drug tunnel under the u.s./mexico border we told you about yesterday. the nearly 600-yard tunnel is about 35 feet underground. and it follows a zigzag pattern. that suggests the peop
recalled think missouri democrat as a devoted advocate for men and women in uniform. he was elected to congress in 1976 and served 17 terms. he died monday, he was 81 years old. new developments in the growing spy scan d.a. leading lawmaker dianne feinstein issi calling f a review. of intelligence activities. this is following revelations that the nsa has been spying on world leaders without the presidents knowledge. >> the capacities continue to develop and expand and that's why i'm initiating a review to make sure that what they are able to do doesn't necessarily mean what they should be doing. >> there are reports the administration is ready to ban spying on all leaders of our allies. >> this has people rattled overseas. spain the latest to join the chorus of people. pretty darn outraged. people in the spy community say it goes with the territory and nothing new. but heads of state are like you bugged my phone? i thought we were buddies. >> i thought we were friends. there is a dynamic between nations, we spy on each other. they know we watch them and they watch us. it is the way
a statement. they say chris brown elected to enter a rehab facility. his goal is to gain focus in his past and recent behavior, enabling him to pursue his life and career from a healthier vantage point. he is on probation for the 2009 assault with his then girlfriend rihanna. it ends august 25th, 2014, according to e! news that reported that family and friends hoped he would enter rehab. any arrest could be considered a violation. it could result in jail time. serious stuff. this is an antidote and pretty good one. mike tyson gave brown some advice. he told a new york radio station. he said quote chris should know if you are not humble in this world, the world will address humbleness on you. words of wisdom from mike. >> from mike tyson of all people. mike tyson is a changed man, according to the him. these days all these celebrities and artists go in to rehab for everything. so now there is a rehab for angry. >> i don't know if this is rehab for anger management or if it is maybe he is drinking or whatever and that is making him a loose cannon. i'm not sure about that. >> back in the day
election, you're in the house, 80-20 votes. and you have a very strong set of positions as you have people in your district. if you're interested in staying in the congress, you don't care what the president of the united states says or anybody else for that matter. >> rose: too big to fail. does it continue to exist and should it exist. >> it continues to exist. it's getting worse, and it's a danger to the system. the reason it is a danger is basically an issue which is a little complex but i hopefully describe it in there. it's how savings move into investing. the only way that you got a growing standard of living is that the scarce savings of a society are channeled through the financial system into real capital investment which builds up the capital stock and that's the base of where our standard of living comes from. we have a limited amount of savings, to the extent that there are firms which are too big to fail. and, there's another qualification here that they are inefficient. they are absorbing the savings that would ordinarily go into high tech industries and enhance the standar
be done through a puncture in the elect and three day hospitalization without opening the chest. remarkable technology. >> rose: what else is the most exciting frontier of heart care. >> i think mechanical support for patients with failing hearts. >> rose: the pump he had. >> yes. over the last couple decades the number of heart transplant operations in the united states has been very static at about 2000 operations per year. many more patients need a heart transplant that would viefer to get it and now patients like the vice president will survive with a ventricular device, a mechanical pump. but the pumps are becoming so good and so small that we're moving towards sort of a paradigm where instead of thinking about the replacing the heart with a transplanted organ, we'll just replace it with a completely implantable system, recharged through batteries that can be recharged transcutaneously and patients will go on and have an implanted mechanical pump either as a total artificial heart or as a partial artificial heart. >> rose: and they talk about those kind of behavioral fac
on the security council when 15 seat position was long thought after had been elected this would have been given saudi arabia a great deal of calling but the saudis reacted and said they are very disappoint with the the united states, in fact outraged at its passivity on syria and its failure to arm and support the rebels and opening up a dialogue with iran so this has led to an unprecedented rift. >> the saudis are acting childish and acting like united states is more important to the united states than saudi arabia is to, or than happen than the united states is zero to saudi arabia, we see this across the area, rather the divisions among the sheikdoms so this is a time that because of iraq, because of syria, we are seeing kind of a realignment of loyalties, of interest groups, and this plays out in particularly in iraq and syria today. >> rose: david, back to all of these points, but just come back to you in terms of conflict between saudi arabia and iran and wha what the iranians, whate saudis are saying but also how the u.s. might respond to this, because as you know susan rice recently sai
vote, how many are led astray by, you know, slick campaigns and all of that and once they elect these people to congress, you know, they immediately consume with the lobbyist whose have the big checkbooks and wonder are we really getting a representative government? and those are the things i think about and how could you have some fun with that in a novel? i don't know. i am still working on it. >> great to have you. >> always fun. >> rose: back in a moment, stay with us. >> and what you are also trying to feel at this point is you have to ensure at this point that you are still pushing into the ground, because we want to create that couple of forces inbetween the feet that are going to end up being allowing us to create more power in the through swing, from that into position, i am just combining the take away with the body tilting and the held not moving. >> rose: sean foley is here, he is widely regarded as one of the best golf instructors if not the best in the game. his clients include four of the top 25 players in the world, lee westwood, justin rose and tiger woods. >>
Search Results 0 to 45 of about 46 (some duplicates have been removed)